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Deco Color-PlastiSkin Removable Paint 400ml


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Deco Color-PlastiSkin Removable Spray Film / Rubber 400ml

Flexible, fast drying mat film for any type of surface. Wide range of application: industry, decoration, mototuning, home and garden. Protects against corrosion. Mostly used for covering alloy wheels and rims, but you can also paint the body of your car (hood, roof, mirrors etc.) as well as other vehicles or smooth surfaces.

The most important asset _ easy to peel off. Paint. Don?t you like it - peel it easily off!

Specially designed 360? FUN actuator allows applying in different positions by wide and narrow stream! 


Very popular usage among clients:

- Create your own stencil, inscription, or whatever you like

- Place it on your vehicle's hood, door, roof, or other smooth surface.

- Apply PLASTI SKIN to create your own unique design

- Keep it as long as you wish

- When you figure it out, you do not like it anymore, just peel it easily off!



Thickness and flexibility depends on number of layers you applied. One layer is 30-40 microns. Recommended is to apply 100-120 microns, what means 3 layers at least, at 10 minutes intervals between each. Best result when applied at 10-25?C.

Easy way to remove applied film, immediately after drying, as well as after longer time of usage.

No need to use cleaners or solvents _ just peel it off

Doesn?t change the structure of painted surface

Anti-slip properties

Very good adhesion

360? FUN nozzle allows applying in different positions by wide and narrow stream

Resistant to high and low temperatures from -35?C to +90?C

Water and weather resistant

Matt finish of painted surface

Short drying time: 5-8 min

Touch dry: 15-20 min; Hardened: 16-20 h

Efficiency 1,5-2 m_ depending on colour and type of surface by one application

10 most common colours in RAL system in matt finish

For indoor and outdoor use

Capacity 400 ml



Before you begin painting, make sure that the surface is clean, degreased, and dry.

Pay special attention to whether used degrease product evaporated completely.

Shake the can for approx. 3 min.

The recommended temperature for painting is 10-25 ?C.

For optimum thickness and flexibility of painted surface, you need to apply 3 layers at least.

it?s approx. 100 - 120 microns. (Can be more)

The layers should be applied at 10 minutes intervals between each other.

The first layer, because of the process of integration with the surfaces,

gives impression of "not covering" (almost transparent) - do not let this put you off.

Each next layer will cover the surface in right way.

After applying the last layer, it is recommended not to use painted surface for at least 16 hours.

If, after some time, you realize that you do not like this colour, you can easily peel it off.

You should make a delicate incision, then peel PLASTI SKIN off. You can remove it from the entire surface easily.



PLASTI SKIN does not change the structure of the surface. (does not fill up the gaps, hollows)


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