Deco Color-Rust Blocker Adhesive Primer 8 Different Colours 400ml – Sweeney Motor Factors

Deco Color-Rust Blocker Adhesive Primer 8 Different Colours 400ml


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Deco Color-Rust Blocker 4in1 Spray Paint 400ml

4in1 properties:

1. Perfect adhesive primer

2. Active corrosion protection technology LCI (blocks process of oxidation)

3. Fast drying paint with exceptional covering power

4. Effective protection against environmental influences



360? FUN nozzle allows applying in different positions by wide and narrow stream

LCI Technology - Liquid Corrosion Inhibitor.

For directly usage on rust or old paint coatings.

Active rust protection system prevents corrosion process and it?s further spread.

Protects against environmental influences.

Short drying time up to 8 minutes!

Touch dry: 15-20 min; Hardened: 10-14 h.

Efficiency 1,5-2 m_ depending on colour and type of surface by one application.

Heat resistance up to 100?C.

8 colours offer in RAL system in satin finish.

Matt finish

For indoor and outdoor use.

Capacity 400 ml.



Before applying read carefully instructions on the container and use according to the manufacturer?s recommendations.

Recommended substrate conditions:

Don?t use any priming paint.

Do not cover already painted surface by any other paint.

Preparing the substrate is very important action influencing the quality and life of varnish coating. Fundamental principle, which relate to all surfaces prepared to painting is to grind, degrease and dry out. After drying the primed surface should be grinded with fine-grained sandpaper (e.g. P600).


How to use:

Don?t use any priming paint previously. Do not cover already painted surface by any other paint. Apply product at temperature about 10-25?C (optimum temperature for good varnish drying). Drying time depends also on air humidity and product density. Painting should be made in well ventilated room. Prior to commencing painting, shake the container for about one minute, which will help mix the varnish by the ball found inside. Perform the test spray. Apply the varnish with few thin layers rather than one thick layer, from the distance of 25-30 centimetres. Following applying each layer, wait a few minutes. Following the completion, clean the nozzle. Put the container upside down, pressing the nozzle for the period of three seconds.

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