JBM-53160 aluminium tool set 198pcs

: 53160

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: general tools

: JBM Campllong

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1x 1/4"Dr.6pt socket 4mm
1x 1/4"Dr.6pt socket 4.5mm
1x 1/4"Dr.6pt socket 5mm
1x 1/4"Dr.6pt socket 5.5mm
1x 1/4"Dr.6pt socket 6mm
1x 1/4"Dr.6pt socket 7mm
1x 1/4"Dr.6pt socket 8mm
1x 1/4"Dr.6pt socket 9mm
1x 1/4"Dr.6pt socket 10mm
1x 1/4"Dr.6pt socket 11mm
1x 1/4"Dr.6pt socket 12mm
1x 1/4"Dr.6pt socket 13mm
1x 1/4"Dr.6pt socket 14mm
1x 1/4"Dr.×1/4” coupler 25L
1x 1/4"Dr.Extension Bar 2"
1x 1/4"Dr.Extension Bar 4"
1x 1/4"Dr.sliding T-bar 110mm
1x 1/4"Dr.universal joint
1x 1/4"Dr.quick release ratchet handle 72teeth
1x 1/2"Dr.6pt socket 10mm
1x 1/2"Dr.6pt socket 13mm
1x 1/2"Dr.6pt socket 14mm
1x 1/2"Dr.6pt socket 16mm
1x 1/2"Dr.6pt socket 17mm
1x 1/2"Dr.6pt socket 18mm
1x 1/2"Dr.6pt socket 19mm
1x 1/2"Dr.6pt socket 20mm
1x 1/2"Dr.6pt socket 22mm
1x 1/2"Dr.6pt socket 24mm
1x 1/2"Dr.6pt socket 27mm
1x 1/2"Dr.6pt socket 30mm
1x 1/2"Dr.6pt socket 32mm
1x 1/2"Dr.Extension Bar 5"
1x 3/8"(F)×1/2“(M) three way adapter
1x 1/2"Dr.Extension Bar 10"
1x 1/2"Dr.spark plug socket 16mm
1x 1/2"Dr.spark plug socket 21mm
1x 1/2"Dr.universal joint
1x 1/2"Dr.quick release Ratchet Handle
9x hex key wrench(with plastic hanger) 1.5, 2,2.5,3,4,5,6,8,10mm
9x combination Wrench 8,10,11,12,13,14,17,19,22mm
1x adjustable wrench 250mm-10"
4x Precision Screwdrivers with plastic box
1x screwdriver SL5×75
1x screwdriver PH1×75
1x screwdriver SL6.5×100
1x screwdriver PH2×100
1x voltage tester
1x Long nose plier 8"
1x Diagnal plier 6"
1x combination Plier 7"
1x water pump Plier 10"
1x Carpenter Plier 8"-200mm
1x Utility Knife
1x torch
1x pick up tool
4x Circlip pliers
1x electrical scissors 7"-180mm
1x wire stripper 9"
1x Measuring Tape 5M
1x vernier caliper 150mm
1x Hack saw
31x bits set 6.35mm
1x file 200MM
5x chisel
1x Mechanic Hammer with fiber glass handle - 300g
76x Terminals


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JBM-53160 aluminium tool set 198pcs

Regular price €299.00