JBM-53249 Electronic Stethoscope – Sweeney Motor Factors

JBM-53249 Electronic Stethoscope

JBM Campllong

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Super-sensitive stethoscope, suitable for detection of faults in:
- Engine, Transmission.
- Cat Intake/Exhaust Manifold.
- Fuel Injectors. Radiators.
- Valves. Fuel Tanks.
Length of sensor cable: 4.8 m

Kit includes audio probe, headphones, six clip-on microphones and six-channel microphone selector box. Used by noise, harshness and vibration engineers to isolate problem sources. Enables vehicle to be road-tested and diagnosed simultaneously.

Kit suitable for detection faults in intake/exhaust manifolds, injectors, radiators, etc.
Allows the simultaneously auscultation of several points of the vehicle facilitating the task of the operator to find and diagnose faults.
Probes marked by color to facilitate the task of the operator.
Includes Velcro fastening for sensors.

• sensor cable length: 4.8 m
• Audio probe Length: 14 cm
• 9V batteries (included)
• Number of sensors: 6
• Suitable for 3.5 mm connector

• microphone adjustable length: 21cm

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