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K2-Aluchrom Chrome And Aluminium Polish 120g

K2-Aluchrom Chrome And Aluminium Polish 120g


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Excellent paste for cleaning and polishing all metal surfaces:aluminum, silver, gold, bronze, stainless steel and other etc. Particularly suitable for aluminium hub cover maintenance. It's a perfect paste for polishing all kinds of car , bike chrome parts. It also can be used for metal parts of your motorcycle or boat. Ideal for cleaning and restoring aluminium wheel rims in your car. Great for cleaning metal parts , tools swords etc. and removing any residual stains and oxidation. It restores old and fatigued surfaces back to shine. Easy apply Gives "mirror like" finish Please note if metal surfaces (solid metal not metal plated / coated) are very stained and scratched / rough , it may require using a very course 80 grit abrasive then progressively 120 etc. Before polishing with paste. In order to obtain mirror like finish. Easy to use: Apply small amount on metal surface Polish with soft clean cloth For heavily soiled or damaged surfaces repeat as necessary.

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