K2-Color Max Black 200ml – Sweeney Motor Factors
K2-Color Max Black 200ml

K2-Color Max Black 200ml


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Colourising wax, restoring the original colour and lustre of car paint. May be applied for both standard and metallic paints. Strict matching of colour is not necessary. How to use: For even better effect it is advised to use slightly abrasive paste like K2 ULTRA CUT first, to remove imperfections and scratches prior to applying COLOUR MAX. It is necessary to wash and dry car thoroughly, before applying COLOR Max Polish. Shake bottle well.

Apply small amount of COLOR Max on applicator sponge, apply with circular movements, On one defined area at the time. Polish using soft , clean, microfibre cloth until reaching shine. Do not apply on hot surfaces, in direct sunshine or when temperature is below zero.

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