circlip pliers set

The Circlip Pliers Set With Changeable Heads

The Circlip Pliers Set with changeable heads comes in a handy carry case for easy storage and accessibility.
Each pliers has a ratchet mechanism for great ease of use and as any mechanic knows how hard it can be to squeeze circlips and keep a steady hand at the same time this set will save time and effort. Also, each pliers comes with 4 different sets of heads which are very easily changed over when needed, coming in 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 45 degrees and 90 degrees. The kit also comes with 8 spare screws for the Interchangeable heads. This set is presented in a plastic blow moulded case.

Length 10" pliers Contents: External circlip plier, internal circlip plier, 16 different bits with different angled tips (90º/45º/15º/0º)

Learn more about the circlip pliers in the video demo below: