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JBM-53029 Automotive Circuit Tester - Sweeney Motor Factors
JBM-51347 Mechanics Stethoscope
JBM-51235 Battery Tester
JBM-51235 Battery TesterJBM Campllong Only 2 units left
JBM-53025 Tape Measure 3 Metre x 16mm
JBM-53026 Tape Measure 5 Metre x 25mm
JBM-53027 Tape Measure 7.5 Metre x 25mm
JBM-52873 Tyre Thread Depth Gauge - Sweeney Motor Factors
JBM-52162 Laser Thermometer
JBM-53453 Anti-Freeze Tester
JBM-52382 Multimeter With Clamp
JBM-50942 MultimeterJBM-50942 Multimeter
JBM-50942 MultimeterJBM Campllong Only 4 units left

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